About Us

FitChef was founded in Istanbul Etiler in 2011 with the idea that people deserve better and more nutritious meals.

Nowadays, we’re the first Turkish kitchen that serves clean, healthy and delicious meals to professional athletes, business leaders, social media celebrities and movie/cinema actors, including many other people.

How It Works

FitChef, All successful people in the world have brought the special nutritional approach to Turkey. Everyone’s fingerprints should be differentiated according to the characteristics of the person in the food they should eat as they are different. This has been scientifically proven. That’s why we prepare tailor-made meals as FitChef.

First of all you will meet with FitChef dietitian and make your body analysis and explain your expectations. According to the results we determine the amount of protein carbohydrates and fat you should consume daily and we create our special menu according to your favorite foods.

Your meals are delivered to your address freshly every day. In this way, you can eat your favorite food without worrying about what you eat and you can lose weight in a healthy way and get rid of your excesses, and most importantly, you start a more healthy life than you did ever before.

If you wish, you can gain weight by increasing your muscle mass in a controlled way under the supervision of FitChef coaches.