Breastfeeding Mother Menu

Breastfeeding Mother Menu

You took your baby on your lap. Now it’s time to get into shape by preserving both your baby’s health and your own health!

The process after birth is difficult and exhausting for the mother. In the period when the baby’s health is at the forefront, you can put your health back into the background. During this period, you may want to increase your milk and you can go to an excessive and unbalanced diet. But you should remember that sufficient and balanced nutrition is the only factor for the quality of the mother’s milk which is the most valuable nutrient you will offer to the baby.

In this menu, which we prepare specially for breastfeeding mothers, we meet your need for increased protein, iron, calcium, folic a, id and B12. Throughout the whole process, you will have a healthy form without being hungry, without affecting your milk quality.

  • Mother Fit consists of 3 main & 3 Snack meals and you don’t need to consume anything other than the menu we prepared for you.
  • According to the answers you fill in the form, we determine the nutritional values of your menu.
Meal Day 1 Day 2
Breakfast Cheese Frittata with pesto sauce FitChef Granola
Organic milk
Morning Snack locust bean
Organic milk
Raw Cookie with Pistachio
Lunch Beet Bed with Mustard
Grilled Salmon
FitChef Quinoa Salad
Mexican Method Turkey
Brown rice with curry
Afternoon Snack Mixed Dried Nuts Zahterli fit stick
Dinner Pumpkin
Probiotic Yogurt
Beluga Lentil Salad
Evening Snack Coconut Pineapple Slices Cinnamon Crispy Walnut
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